Del-8: 8-bit mod delay

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Del-8: 8-bit mod delay

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Del-8 is a full-fledged 8-bit 2-tap modulated delay plug-in for logue-SDK Korg synths. All internal parameters can be edited via the desktop app logueMill, and exported as custom user-unit of any of the FX types (mod/del/rev fx) and platforms. (Prologue / Minilogue XD/ Nu:Tekt Digital NTS-1)

Currently provided are three example patches corresponding mod/delay/reverb FX. You can use logueMill to tweak and convert them to your liking. For details please refer to the editor manual.

Important notice for Nu:Tekt NTS-1: before v1.03 firmware there's a bug that allows you to use custom delay and reverb concurrently, this is NOT INTENTED and may cause the two custom fx to malfunction or worse; make sure to upgrade to v1.03 or above!


- 2.7 seconds 8-bit delay.
- 2x Delay Taps with independent Time / Feedback control.
- 2x audio-rate LFOs for stereo time and amplitude modulation of the delay taps.
- Resonant pre-delay Highpass and post-delay Lowpass Filters.
- Delay time sync-able to system BPM with custom time division.
- Delay time, LFO rate and Filter cutoff can be mapped to accurate note for external Midi / CV automation.
- All 16 internal parameters can be assigned to hardware knobs as macros with user-defined range.
- 16 preset patches can be packed into one user unit, scrollable through hardware knob.
- Carefully optimized algorithm, lighter than the factory flanger.

Files in this download

Mod FX example "flanged delay": tempo sync'd delay mimic'ing the time division of factory BPM delays, time offset by modulation creates lively flanged/chorused stereo field between the two delay taps.

Knob A/Time: time sync division
Knob B/Depth: feedback + wet mix
(special notice for Prologue Mod FX see here)

Delay FX example "modulated slapback": no feedback and short to mid delay time, delay signal heavily modulated with audio-rate AM and/or FM.

Knob A/Time: delay time
Knob B/Depth: 0~50% ring mod, 50~100% delay FM
Shift-B/Depth: dry / wet mix

Reverb FX example "dub drone": tempo sync'd to short dubby time division, with sweep-able resonant low pass filter set to slightly emphasis mid-high frequencies.

Knob A/Time: LPF freq
Knob B/Depth: Feedback
Shift-B/Depth: dry / wet mix

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